Work Experience

Work Experience:

Lead Guide, The Infinity School (January 2017-present)
I am the “Guide” for The Infinity School. I am responsible for overseeing or “Guiding” the Elementary and Middle School sections. My responsibilities involve Morning Launches, Afternoon Landings, Civilization, Writers Workshop, Math Power, Smart Goals, Core Skills, Quests/Projects and also Gym.

Curator, Poetry of the Resistance (June 2017-present)
I curate Poetry of the Resistance, an online (and soon to be print) magazine that accepts fiction, poetry, non-fiction, visual art & photography. The magazine is geared toward an honest expression of personal and group resistance towards current social, political, economic and ecological trends in the world. The magazine is non-partisan.

Podcaster (with Ryan O’Connor), ‘Talking to Canadians’ (January 2017-present)
‘Talking to Canadians’ is a podcast that debuted in January 2017. The program features lengthy interviews with Canadians from all walks of life. Conversations cover a wide range of topics from spirituality to law to politics to feminisms to community and much else. I am the interviewer

Guide, Civilization, The Infinity School (September 2016-December 2016)
I am the Civilization “Guide” for The Infinity School, the very first Acton Academy established in Canada. My responsibilities include Morning Launches, “guiding” the Civilization class, and assisting students with planning their SMART Goals.

Facilitator, London Literacy in Action (September 2016-May 2017)
I have founded a Civic Book Group & Community Outreach organization which meets bi-weekly at the London Central Library. This organization comprises young adults aged 15-25 who meet to discuss literature (fiction, memoir & literary non-fiction) that addresses issues of contemporary soci0-economic, racial, ethnic, gender, ecological and political importance. Our focus is on understanding the multicultural communities which comprise our city and province and to find ways of using our acquired literacy to interact with and improve upon our urban environment. Our organization will be presenting a report of our “findings” to the City of London in 2017.

Facilitator, TLC, Homeschooling Community, London, ON (April 2016-June 2017)
I served as Socratic discussion facilitator for a group of 8 teenagers who met to discuss fiction and non-fiction literature and current affairs. The group met primarily on a bi-weekly basis. I began as the facilitator and provided the readings for each session. The group then evolved in the spring of 2017 into a student-led organization where each member provided a book, article, documentary or podcast and took over the role of facilitator.

Executive Poetry Editor, Transcendence Magazine (May 2016-present)
I am now the Executive Poetry Editor for Transcendence. My responsibilities include reading & editing submissions, collecting feedback from the poetry staff and determining which pieces are suitable for publication.

Teacher, Owner, DEMOI Independent Learning (2013-present)
In April 2013 I founded DEMOI Independent Learning and began working with students ages 8-16 (as well as adults). I have taught seminar classes and conducted one-on-one Socratic learning and tutoring sessions in the writing, grammar, social studies and humanities fields.]

Research Assistant to Dr. John Grant, Dept. of Political Science, King’s College, London, ON (January 2015-June 2016)
Provided longitudinal research of Canadian newspaper coverage of neoliberalism, 1980-2015. Assisted in research design model, collated data, graphed findings. Book Chapter to be published in late 2016.

Writer, Nelson Canada Ltd. (2014)
Completed a project for Nelson Canada Ltd. which provides primary source materials for the 7th edition of their Origins: Canadian History to Confederation university textbook.

Poetry Reader, Transcendence Magazine (January 2014-May 2016)
I am a poetry reader for a literary start up magazine. My responsibilities include editing and editorial selection.

Writer, Nelson Canada Ltd. (2013)
Completed a project entitled “History in Your Neighbourhood” which is a series of short essays on specific historical sites in Canada. The project is an online companion to the introductory Canadian history textbook Origins: Canadian History to Confederation. I wrote 18 essays which are available online at Nelson Canada Ltd.

Teaching Assistant, Department of Classical Studies, Western University (2012-2013)
Responsible for invigilating and marking examinations, holding office hours, attending lectures and assisting the professor with the coordination of multi-media presentations in class.

Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Western University (2008-2012)
Responsible for conducting Socratic tutorials (which I designed), marking essays, proctoring examinations and conducting study review sessions. I ran tutorial seminars on Canadian History all four years I worked as a teaching assistant. I won a university-wide teaching award in 2011.

Research Assistant to Professor Robert A. Wardhaugh, Department of History, Western University (2008-2012)
I assisted Dr. Wardhaugh with the editing of the most recent editions of the Origins & Destinies textbooks which are the standard introductory Canadian history textbooks used in Canadian universities (published by Nelson Education Ltd). I provided research for his forthcoming monograph on the Rowell-Sirois Commission.

Author, Nelson Education Ltd. (June 2011-February 2012)
I held a contract with Nelson Education Ltd. to provide online student quizzes accompanying their two-volume Canadian history textbook Origins & Destinies. These quizzes are available from Nelson.

Research Assistant to Professor Peter Graefe, Department of Political Science, McMaster University (May-September 2007)
I assisted Dr. Graefe with anti-poverty research during the summer of 2007.

Graduate Student Union Steward, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). Department of Political Science, McMaster University (September 2006-August 2007)
I was responsible for representing teaching assistants within the Union and helping to advise them on occupational benefits and employment procedures at McMasterUniversity.

Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science, McMaster University (September 2006-August 2008)
Responsible for conducting tutorials, marking essays, proctoring examinations and holding study review sessions. I ran tutorial sections in courses on South Asian Politics, American Foreign Policy, and the introductory course for Political Science (where I also delivered two power point lectures).

Academic Tutor, Freelance (November 2005-July 2006)
Tutored middle and high school level students in English literature, grammar, social studies and arithmetic.

Secondary School History and Literature Substitute Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery County, Maryland (September 2004-June 2005)
Substitute teacher in 11th grade history and 7th and 10th-12th grade literature in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) from September-December 2004. I served as a full time 7th grade English teacher at White Oak Middle School, Silver Spring, Maryland from January to June 2005.

High School & Middle School History and Literature Teacher, Ridgeview Classical Schools, Fort Collins, Colorado (August 2002-August 2004)
Taught 8th grade Core Knowledge Cold War History and World History, 10th grade British Literature, 11th grade American History, 12th grade Modern European History. I worked with students with learning disabilities at both the middle and high school levels.

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