Here are some testimonials from parents and students:

“Jeremy is one of those natural, enthusiastic and positive teachers that you always wished you had when passing through school. He has been working with our son for over a year with such subjects as Literature, History and essay writing. Jeremy’s patience and care mixed with persistence with Quinn is a breath of fresh air! Our son looks forward to his sessions with Jeremy as they are always engaging, challenging and thought provoking. He is always kind, flexible, resourceful and knowledgeable, bringing out the best of our son, as well as keeping in mind the importance of our child’s self esteem.

“Jeremy goes above and beyond our expectations. Besides the weekly sessions at our residence, Jeremy is also adept at cultivating organization skills by giving Quinn advice on getting his own file system to keep his work in. Jeremy also invited our son to the UWO library to teach him how to find the necessary resources he would need for present and future essays and projects.

“Jeremy is open to group history and literature sessions too. Quinn found them fun, challenging and said he learned a lot.

“We feel grateful to have Jeremy in our lives and would not hesitate to recommend his services to other families.”

-Kent, Nissa and Quinn Trollope


“Jeremy is one of those truly gifted teachers who is able to meet his students where they are intellectually, while stretching their minds and inspiring them to expand their academic horizons. When we first approached him to tutor our son in history, we chose a fairly obscure topic, but Jeremy took pleasure in finding excellent resources and thoroughly enjoyed a joint exploration of the topic. My son was excited to meet someone whose passion for history matched his own. Their discussions are wide-ranging, often relating what happened historically to current events. They have moved on to explore many topics in history and the discussion is always an inspiration to my son. He returns home from his sessions thrilled with the conversation and excited to move on to the next week’s topic. We’ve been very impressed with Jeremy’s ability to handle our son’s learning disability with sensitivity, while recognizing his intelligence by providing him with challenging adult materials to work with. He’s managed to create a course tailor-made for our son.”

-Marian Visser


“We have been employing the services of Jeremy Marks Tutoring for more than a year and have the highest regard for Jeremy as both a Tutor and a person.

“Jeremy brings to each meeting with our three daughters, a professional, yet warm hearted approach as he provides for them an opportunity to explore, learn, grow and express. Each one of them has been encouraged to expand their awareness in many areas but has also been guided in the development of their strengths and talents. Jeremy works with our daughters individually and they enjoy the one on one time of discussion and learning.

“It has been a delight for us as parents, to observe their intellectual and literary growth under his teaching. Not only does Jeremy present himself professionally but he is a person of fine character with a deep commitment to excellence who shares with an open heart and mind and allows the students to express themselves freely. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have discovered Jeremy and highly recommend him as a tutor for all ages.”

-Marcia & Chris Havaris, Angelina, Christalina & Demetria


“Jeremy has been tutoring my son Ethan for the last two-and-half years. We were introduced to Jeremy through a homeschooling group course, and decided to retain his services as a personal tutor when Ethan returned to public school. Jeremy assisted Ethan with English, history, and geography (in short, any course where writing was a core skill requirement).

“Jeremy was instrumental in the development of Ethan’s writing skills, beginning with sentence and paragraph structure, and eventually advancing to essay planning and execution. Throughout the positive interaction with Jeremy, Ethan also developed an increased appreciation for history and literature. Jeremy expanded Ethan’s outlook … very likely in ways that would not have emerged without his skillful influence.

“In Ethan’s own words “I couldn’t get through the year without Jeremy!” Jeremy was able to follow the somewhat erratic flow of the ADD mind, and was both insightful and patient with Ethan’s perpetual distractions. Jeremy also took the time to connect with Ethan on the level of his interests and abilities.

“In summary, we couldn’t ask for better than Jeremy … and we are so grateful to him for the positive influence made in Ethan’s life.”

-Susan DiFabio


“Our family has had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Marks for the last year and a half. During this time he has worked with our 12 year old daughter Ainsley to more fully explore literature that interests her as well as further her creative writing projects. Jeremy’s interaction with our daughter are always considerate and thoughtful. I have often said that Jeremy engages with Ainsley in a manner that is age appropriate but elevated. He approaches their conversations from a place of authentic curiosity and leaves Ainsley feeling valued for her opinions, while also encouraging her to be more thoughtful in her approach to reading and writing. He has taken her to a place where she considers herself a writer, someone capable of perhaps publishing her own works.

“In fact, Ainsley is in the process of writing her first novel with Jeremy’s guidance. I am convinced that Ainsley would not have taken on such a big endeavour without Jeremy’s tutoring. She enjoys her weekly sessions with him and his conversation and the work they engage in during that time inspires the work she does for the rest of the week. I give Jeremy the highest of recommendations and trust that his knowledge and teaching approach would be conducive to a number of different areas that a child might want to explore or need help with. My own conversations with Jeremy include history, politics, geography, literature and current events and I am always impressed by his vast knowledge but more importantly curiosity in each of these areas. We feel fortunate to have Jeremy as a tutor for Ainsley and highly recommend him to others.”

-Shawna Lewkowitz


“Jeremy is a warm and inspiring teacher, and a wonderful role model for creative, imaginative kids. My son truly looks forward to his sessions with Jeremy. He always ensures he is well prepared with no nagging from me required! The depth of conversation they are able to have about books they are reading and stories they are writing is quite impressive. Jeremy has helped my more introverted, but highly creative son to find his voice – to articulate what he thinks and feels – both uniquely and eloquently. ”
~ Leigh, London, ON

“I like working with Jeremy because he has lots of humour! He is also great at coming up with new ideas.”
~ Alex, age 11


A response to my “Midnight in Paris” course:

“The way Jeremy guided us through his “Midnight in Paris” class with his thought provoking questions and his flexibility was greatly appreciated. I was also delighted with my own healing in regards to reading fiction. I believe it was helped by Jeremy’s love of literature and how he made it interesting and sought to help us find our own form of appreciation of the author’s work. I feel expanded and aware in new ways.”

-Nissa Trollope

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