Link to Credo Espoir poems

You can find four of my poems in Credo Espoir No. 2:


4 poems appearing in Credo Espoir (in August)

I was pleased to learn this afternoon that my poems “A star observed,” “Aborning,” “Borrow my tears,” and “likened it unto Eve” will be appearing in Issue No. 2 of Credo Espoir. When the poems are published August 1st I will share them here.

“None of the Above”

None of the Above is a “short sheet” I am writing/publishing which connects in many ways with the pedagogical philosophy I use here at DEMOI. You can read it/follow it here:


I am pleased to announce that beginning this month I will be writing a regular essay on politics, culture, society, and history for The Black Lion Magazine.  I have two pieces that I am putting the finishing touches on right now and which should be appearing soon. The first is a longer version of my editorial on Coretta Scott King, which appeared in the London Free Press last month:

The second piece is an essay I am writing on the connection between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy, two men committed to fighting poverty and war and who were deeply committed to Civil Rights. As you know, they were both murdered within two months of one another in the spring of 1968.

I am delighted to be a part of The Black Lion and honored to have a platform for my writing.