“Make Sweet 16s/Not AR-15s”

Thank you to Don Kingfisher Campbell and Spectrum for allowing me to contribute to something I care a great deal about:



“The pursuit of happiness”

I have a new essay on teaching, children, and adults up at Childreach:


“Runcibles” (new poem appearing soon)

Very very happy to report Alien Pub will be publishing my poem “Runcibles” quite soon.

I got the word runcible -a made up word- from the children’s poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear, which I have read to my daughter many times.

When the poem is up I will provide a link here.

3 poems to appear in The Black Lion Journal Collection #4

I am delighted to report that The Black Lion Journal will be publishing 3 of my poems in their next collection. The pieces, “Jeremiah’s Jeremiad,” “Tribunes” and “American promises” are all poems I wrote to address the current “American moment.” I am honoured that they will be featured and will post the link when they appear.