“Make Sweet 16s/Not AR-15s”

Thank you to Don Kingfisher Campbell and Spectrum for allowing me to contribute to something I care a great deal about:



Two poems appearing in The Wild Word

Delighted to learn that the Berlin, Germany-based The Wild Word will be publishing my poems “Springtime in Washington” and “Give a poor man a fish” later this spring.

When the poems appear I will post a link here.

“Runcibles” (new poem appearing soon)

Very very happy to report Alien Pub will be publishing my poem “Runcibles” quite soon.

I got the word runcible -a made up word- from the children’s poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear, which I have read to my daughter many times.

When the poem is up I will provide a link here.

3 poems to appear in The Black Lion Journal Collection #4

I am delighted to report that The Black Lion Journal will be publishing 3 of my poems in their next collection. The pieces, “Jeremiah’s Jeremiad,” “Tribunes” and “American promises” are all poems I wrote to address the current “American moment.” I am honoured that they will be featured and will post the link when they appear.

Today is a great writing day

Today is a great writing day.

I just learned that three of my poems are going to appear in Volume IV of The Blue Hour Anthology. This is thrilling for so many reasons but not least because the three they chose are all very close to my heart:

1 poem is about Detroit; 1 poem is about the Funk Brothers; 1 poem is dedicated to my father and how I have watched him provide loving care and undying loyalty to his mother who will be turning 100 this June.

And then I found out that over at The Blue Nib they are taking four more of my poems, including one I wrote about Charlottesville, two I wrote about Detroit, and one I wrote about mourning an abused horse.

Like I said, today has been a great writing day . . . and a great day overall. When the poems are available I will share links here.