“The pursuit of happiness”

I have a new essay on teaching, children, and adults up at Childreach:



Two poems appearing in The Wild Word

Delighted to learn that the Berlin, Germany-based The Wild Word will be publishing my poems “Springtime in Washington” and “Give a poor man a fish” later this spring.

When the poems appear I will post a link here.

50 years and 1 day

In the days following Dr. King’s assassination, Washington D.C. experienced the most destructive rioting in its history. I think that the disturbances which followed King’s murder are worth revisiting because of what they can tell us of the disparity between the promise of American life and its reality for many. I also think it is worth revisiting on account of the role of racism in shaping the physical, economic, psychological, and sociological landscape of urban and black life in the United States.

In the fall of 1968, the Washington Post put out a book on the riots which still stands as a valuable document that has helped me to understand a world I grew up adjacent to but also very far away from.


Coretta Scott King & her children

I am delighted that the London Free Press will be carrying my editorial on remembering Coretta Scott King and her children and recognizing the depths of their loss. The piece will appear tomorrow, the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. King’s murder. I will post it once it is available.

“Runcibles” (new poem appearing soon)

Very very happy to report Alien Pub will be publishing my poem “Runcibles” quite soon.

I got the word runcible -a made up word- from the children’s poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear, which I have read to my daughter many times.

When the poem is up I will provide a link here.