I have been posting a #DailySocratic question on Twitter.

While I realize this a bit gimmicky -and I am not into gimmicks- I thought it might be an interesting exercise to not only come up with a Socratic question each day but to see if the questions might elicit a response from those Twitter users who are interested in the Socratic method and what it can do for the mind, body, and soul.

Today’s question was: “Is excellence a moral achievement or a creative accomplishment?”


Thank you, Microfiction Monday Magazine

What a treat to have my micro piece “Elephants and Dolphins” see the light of day at Microfiction Monday Magazine. You can read the piece here: https://microfictionmondaymagazine.com


I am very pleased to report that I am now a member of the Board of Directors for Literacy Link South Central, a non-profit that works, under the aegis of Employment Ontario, to provide literacy skills (numeracy and alphabet) to residents of the Brant, Norfolk, Haldimand, Elgin, Middlesex, Brantford and London municipalities. It is an honor to be a part of this tremendously important project.


Thank you, As It Ought To Be Magazine

I am very grateful for the timing of this poem’s appearance. Yesterday it snowed in Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, California and over in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yesterday a story appeared about polar bears raiding a rubbish dump in Novaya Zemlya, Siberia because of poor sea ice.

I am one of those folks that write poems in response to things going on around me, so it is especially pleasing when I feel like the timing of a poem’s appearance is just right. Thank you, As It Ought To Be for featuring what I do. I am very appreciative.

“Plus Ten” By Jeremy Nathan Marks

Thank you, Derelict Magazine

Derelict Magazine is a literary journal which republished pieces which previously appeared in magazines which have gone out of print. They were kind enough to republish my poems “Torrent” and “Don’t Walk” which were published in Morel Magazine in January 2017. Morel, sadly, has since gone out of print.

For any writers who have previously published pieces looking for new homes, I recommend Derelict to you.

You can read my poems here: