Courses Taught (and plan on teaching)

Since I founded DEMOI in April 2013 I have offered four seminar classes: a modern world history course, covering the period 1789-2000; a Canadian-American-British literature course; a “Midnight in Paris” course covering literature, music and visual art from the “Lost Generation” of the 1920s and a modern Canadian history seminar course covering the period 1840-2015.

I have been very pleased with the results from these courses and will gladly offer them again. You can look at the syllabi for all four here:

Literature Class Syllabus

Modern World History Course Overview

Midnight in Paris class

Canadian History Class Readings

I also have two courses developing in “the pipeline.” The first is an Introduction to Canadian History class that uses the Origins and Destinies textbooks published by Nelson Education Canada. The course will also incorporate other sources like photographs, poems, stories, essays and other selected readings.

The second course is a literature/history/political theory seminar entitled “What is Authority?” The class will include novels, poems, essays, history readings and works on political philosophy which all revolve around the question what is authority and what makes it legitimate or illegitimate? The course is designed to be user friendly and is open to students who are 12 years of age and up.


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