Remembering Coretta Scott King & Her Children

Next week is the 50th anniversary of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
One of the things that I think that has been neglected over the years is how Coretta Scott King and her four children were impacted by his death. I am currently working on an editorial on this topic and I am hoping that the London Free Press -or someone else- will run it.
In the meantime, I recommend watching this segment from 60 Minutes (11:37-24:52). Just before Christmas 1968, Mike Wallace went to the King household to see how they were faring.

‘Talking with Canadians’

I am very pleased to announce that my good friend and colleague Ryan O’Connor and I are set to launch our new podcast entitled ‘Talking with Canadians.’ Our first guest will be the feminist, activist, anti-racist campaigner Shawna Lewkowitz. We are delighted to feature her.

Here is a little taste of what our podcast we will be doing:


‘Talking with Canadians’

My colleague Ryan O’Connor and I have embarked upon a project entitled “Talking with Canadians.” The purpose of this project is journalistic: we are seeking to learn how Canadians think about, respond to, and participate in politics and gauge their attitudes toward civic life.

The purpose of our project is strictly non-partisan. We represent none but ourselves and this project has been undertaken at our own initiative. Neither Ryan nor I identify with, nor are members of, any political party and it is not our intention to use our findings to support any specific partisan or ideological agenda.


We believe that the most appropriate and effective way to learn what Canadians think about politics is to engage them in discussion. We will be talking with people from an array of age, gender, ethnic, religious, regional and vocational/professional backgrounds. We firmly believe that each person we speak with represents only themselves so it is not our intention to generalize about any group based on the views of what must, by necessity, be a limited sampling of opinion.

The scope of our discussions will be decided upon by our participants. While there are certain questions of a broad nature which we will be asking everyone, it is our aim to engage interviewees on the basis of their interests, experiences and perspectives. If a participant prefers to speak about tax policy, ecological conservation, multiculturalism or Canada’s role in international affairs we will gear our questions towards those interests.

We will be using a recording device to document our conversations.

Desired Outcome:

It is our hope that these discussions will be useful in revealing the thoughtful and even deep-seated feelings, impressions, and ideas about politics and political philosophy which are held by Canadians. It is our intention to publish our findings in two ways:

1.) We will be launching a podcast entitled “Talking with Canadians” which will feature conversations with our participants. We will only feature discussions which have received the consent of the interviewee.

2.) We intend to present our findings by producing a book.