1 thought on “Sugarloaf

  1. Wow. Loved this story. Made me think of a number of memories of the mountains of my youth (in my case, the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming–one in particular that I have been trying–and failing–to put into words for years). You convey this experience beautifully, yet factually and without overt “romanticism” if that makes sense. I feel that an appreciation of the natural world is actually an extremely practical “skill”. Much of western writing has, I think, done it a bit of a disservice by making it somehow separate from our daily lives.

    Do you know Alice Oswald? Your speaking of “animate stone” immediately brought this interview to mind:


    About an hour long but well worth it. I really think you would appreciate her take on things. She speaks very directly also about this western tradition of, shall we call it “natural distancing”?
    She is definitely one of my top fave poets.

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