2 thoughts on “Delighted to be found here

  1. What a great story, J. Made me chuckle. And reminded me too of the old Chevy station wagon we traveled back in the Seventies….no AC, vinyl seats…..

    I was wondering from the moment you mentioned your father being the neutral score-keeper when “Sabermetrics” was going to show up….and there it was, like the perfect punchline…. 😉

    • I am really glad you enjoyed it. The Sabermetrics part was something that just emerged right out of the ether. . . I love when that happens. And I love the fact it works as a punchline. 🙂

      I grew up reading Bill James and I love his wonkiness even now. His work seemed the perfect marriage with “Kabbalah score keeping.”

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. And I love the fact that you remember those terrible vinyl seats, too. They were the worst. And those 1970s Detroit steel bodied vehicles were like a fleet of leaky boats out on the highway, practically inviting a torpedo. That is a memory I am sure I will always carry . . . That and sitting in the heat on the Garden State Parkway, trying to make out the skyline of Manhattan in the far distance.

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