Thank you to The Wire’s Dream

I am honored (and very grateful) to be included in The Wire’ Dream once again. You can find my poems on pages 30-34.

2 thoughts on “Thank you to The Wire’s Dream

  1. Brilliant, Jeremy.
    They have your indelible stamp on it, your clear political voice.
    Appears as though you are fully in your stride. The language sings and sparkles.
    I can’t seem to write about “the state of things” without it turning into simple angry diatribe.
    I start to froth at the mouth. No restraint. Can’t really think clearly about it. Too much anger.

    Really love the sonics in Jeremiah’s jeremiad. I don’t recall you using so much rhyme but ooh how it works here. The hammer ringing on the nails of our own coffin.

    And “gold plated platform”–all I could think of is his hair, his skin, his utter goldness.

    So glad to see you doing so well, publishing-wise. Hope all else is well with you.
    Apologies for not being around more (and being silent when around). Having some adverse introversion reactions to my career enforced extroversion of late. Working on fixing it.
    Peace to you and your family.

    • Thank you, brother!

      I am so glad to hear from you. . . I would love to reconnect.

      I really appreciate the kind and thoughtful praise. I am just keeping my shoulder to the grindstone, trying to find ways to get my work into print and to refine my voice so other people will be willing to hear it (without it losing its way).

      Your encouragement means a great deal.

      I hope all is well with you and yours, man.

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