How does a city see itself?

I have become immensely interested in how cities see themselves.

The first step is determining who is city? Perhaps a great place to start is to begin with youth. How do they see, experience and conceptualize their city? If London, Ontario, for example, could see itself as young adults see it, what would the city see?

I am looking to find out answers to this question: stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “How does a city see itself?

    • Awesome! I can’t wait to dig into this! Thank you, Johnny, for sharing this with me. It is right up my alley indeed.

      We are well, I hope you are, too. I miss your presence on FB. I will try to get over to your blog more; I’ve been remiss. 🙂

      • No worries. I’ve been remiss too. With my own blog as well!
        FB became a thing that just wasn’t/isn’t good for my head or my writing. I am beginning the process of trying to get some poems published (signed up for Duotrope) and so have been holding back from posting them on APLG. Trying to figure out what/how to post instead. I’m getting closer to figuring that out.

        I have a project I am considering that you might be interested in and I’d love your input. A non-public online critique/discussion group for those of us with publication in mind. A sounding board. I realized that I used my blog for this in the past but posting on a public blog disqualifies poems from publication in most journals this seems like a logical step. Was involved in such a group back when I first started blogging and found it immensely helpful.

        If you are interested/have the time I’ll keep you in the loop.

      • Please keep me in the loop! I would benefit from that very much and I would love to participate! I appreciate that you thought of me.

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