‘Talking to Canadians’ episode #5 (Elisha Stam & Alan Judson)

I sit down for a very enjoyable conversation with Elisha Stam & Alan Judson, two artists who (like us all) hold down day jobs. They also are householders and have two wonderful children.

We discuss writing, music, creativity, and leading the creative life in Canada. Have a listen:


‘Talking to Canadians’ episode 4 (Susan DiFabio)

I think this is a very timely interview. Susan talks not only of her Baha’i faith and her early religious upbringing, but also of conversion, intercultural understanding, diversity and of the difference between love and tolerance. Susan’s life, her experiences, and her outlook are eloquent testimony to the need for each one of us to open ourselves up to people of all faiths and stations in life.

Speaking with Susan not only was inspiring, but she also gives expression to the underlying values of multiculturalism and pluralism which are said to be defining characteristics not only of civic life in Canada, but of Canadian self-understanding. Please tune in to hear what she has to say.

My interview with Susan DiFabio:


Upcoming Event at Innovation Works

On Sunday April 23rd, from 1-6 p.m., I will be hosting an event at Innovation Works downtown.

The event is on behalf of my Literacy in Action Group, a discussion group which meets biweekly at Central Library downtown. The event will feature speakers discussing institution-building, civil liberties, political correctness and other subjects. More information will be forthcoming.

The event is catered and is FREE. If you have a young adult who would be interested in attending and listening to some dynamic speakers and who also would like to participate in Socratic discussions, please let me know. You can contact me at demoindependentlearning@gmail.com