Episode #3 of ‘Talking to Canadians’

My interview & discussion with James Shelley about water, Earth, technology, history, infrastructure, government and much else is now available here:


If you are interested in reading and hearing more from James, I highly recommend his website http://www.JamesShelley.com

6 thoughts on “Episode #3 of ‘Talking to Canadians’

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for making those interviews available. I would like to commend you for your effort and care in bringing many issues to the public.

    I would also like to recommend to you that an “audio slider” be made available so that listeners can rewind or fast-forward as they wish. This feature is even more important when the audio recording is very long, more than two hours in your case. Perhaps a download button may also be considered. I sincerely hope that these features can be implemented.

  2. Jeremy, I just realized that the audio slider is the whole light grey audio bar itself.

    By the way, around the 13th minute mark, when you started talking to James in “Episode 3: Guest James Shelley (moderator of London’s Wolf Hall Debates)”, the audio level significantly decreases. This much softer volume continues right to the end of the interview. I did have to turn up the volume to the maximum.

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