“A house, like a city” . . . .

“A house, like a city, may be made of lifeless materials, but it should embody the spirit of those who build it. In the same way utopian uniforms may be more comfortable and attractive than ordinary clothes, but they do not allow for the expression of one’s individuality.” -Marie Louise Berneri

Pleased to report I will be teaching at the Infinity School

I am very excited to report that I have signed a contract to work for London’s Infinity School. I will be teaching Civilization classes for the 2016-2017 school year. The Infinity School’s methods are in perfect synchrony with my own: it is a school built around Socratic discussion and individual initiative and whose mission is to encourage self-reliance and self-direction in its students.

I cannot express how pleased I am to be part of a brand new school (which is opening its doors next month) that has been founded to bring progressive educational alternatives to the families of London, Ontario. (I should add that I will still be taking clients and DEMOI will continue as before.)

I recommend visiting the Infinity page for more information: