A poem I think is appropriate for my teaching page

I wrote this poem for my wife and daughter but I think the sentiment applies here:

Sleep through the night
for Michelle (and Nora)

The joy of May mornings
is in the mountain’s shadow
making dawn come up gentle

Is in its infant green
and then when the washing’s done
crickets laying down some late light

At dusk,
when the mothers come out
their babes asleep indoors
in bassinets and cradles

With an evening drink in hand
and an open porch
they wait on husbands and partners
kicking off their boots

Smell the dusk?
It’s a furrow,
it’s an old brown shoe

It’s in the bouquet
of every parent’s wish for their child:

That they fly strait
that they fly right
and that they sleep through the night.

Jeremy Nathan Marks

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