Taking ideas seriously

I am looking forward to my upcoming sessions with a local “philosophy group” comprised of teenagers who have spent some months studying the works of many important historical thinkers.

Beginning this Friday we will be having five Socratic sessions which cover a range of books including The Communist ManifestoThe God That FailedTo Kill A MockingbirdWinnipeg’s General Strike and Utopia.

It is always exciting to see students taking ideas seriously and embarking upon the work of unpacking systems of thought. Like many critics, I also believe that all too often ideas are being turned into soundbites and quotes which are divested of intellectual, socio-economic and historical context. Therefore it is a pleasure to be invited to be part of a group that is working hard to educate itself and is not afraid of an intellectual challenge.

Jeremy Nathan Marks


Reading Homer

I am very pleased to be working on both The Iliad and The Odyssey with two different students at the moment.

Quite apart from the joy of reading such incomparable literature, I find it very exciting to watch my students relate these works to our present moment. As a writer myself, I aspire to be as relevant now as Homer has remained for thousands of years.

Jeremy Nathan Marks